Water Rescue

Products for rescuing people on water:

All-purpose Rescue Boat (UZC)

Due to its excellent versatility, it is fully utilized by rescue workers, firemen, the army and also adventurers on expeditions in situations where a traditional motorboat cannot be used and a rowboat is not sufficient. With the boat we also supply the necessary accessories for rescue situations. An all-purpose rescue boat with a motor hidden in the construction (MOTOR IN). This technical solution gives an enormous competitive advantage, allowing better manoeuvrability and access to the water.

Inflatable Rescue Walkway

A universal, lightweight and solid footpath for rescue operations in the field where the ground is not stable or as a floating platform or a base for divers.

Dry Suits

We are authorized distributors of Northern Diver products in the Czech Republic. Among the accessories on offer are dry suits, undersuits, life jackets, helmets, gloves, shoes, rope, torches and other equipment for rescue teams.