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The GUMOTEX RESCUE SYSTEMS range of products provides sophisticated, original and comprehensive solutions for equipment for rescue services.

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    We always propose comprehensive solutions for various types of event and intervention. We are able to supplement our products with compatible accessories and deliver them as a complete unit. We always consult our customers on their solutions so that they serve the specific purposes for which they are intended.


    We use the latest technology, welding on large high-frequency and hot-air welding machines, and sewing on sewing machines. We test and complete our products in large halls.


    We have many years’ experience with the production and development of the GRS range of products, which helps us to ensure their first-class quality. We only purchase the materials for our products from reliable and proven suppliers, mainly from Western Europe and we also use our own coated textiles.


    GUMOTEX RESCUE SYSTEMS products are used in a steadily increasing number of countries. Customer satisfaction is testified to by positive references from rescue teams in countries such as Germany, Brazil, Spain and many others. This of course includes the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In developing and testing our products we work together with rescue services, and not just from the Czech Republic, which guarantees reliability and great utility in practice.

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