People in the company

The Company Culture and Employees

GUMOTEX is the largest employer in the region. It employs more than 1300 people and in 2000 it received an award for its long-term influence on employment and development in the region. The basis of the HR policy is quality, professionally qualified, motivated and positive-thinking employees. GUMOTEX is aware that without qualified, motivated and satisfied employees its present and future prosperity is threatened. For this reason it pays exceptional attention to employees’ development and annually invests several million into their further education and professional growth.

GUMOTEX Academy Project

This long-term training system will ensure the effective preparation of qualified and well-motivated managers. The project will carry over into the coming years, building the conditions for future competitiveness. 

An innovative element is the linking of newly-acquired knowledge to the working process in the form of projects. It is just such a system that creates a means of practically testing new knowledge and skills in individual activities. The Academy project is also a tool for measuring the effectiveness of the training process including the return on investment.