Metalworking is important to us and so we insist on precision. Specific measurements can help provide high quality products meeting the individual requirements of our clients. We perform:

  • Turning of spreading cylinders, bars and shafts of big dimensions, manufacture of rubberized cylinders, turning of trapezial threads, screws, threaded bars, and the manufacture of semi-finished parts
  • Milling and machining of gear boxes, manufacture of sprocket wheels and toothed wheels on a hobbing machine, slotting of grooves and spiral bevel gears, milling of moulds, milling of screws
  • Grinding of cylinders, bolts, sharpening of cutting tools, scissors, circular knives, sharpening on plane grinders, sharpening of cutting knives and knives for crushers
  • Drilling on a horizontal boring machine, boring of precise openings on a vertical boring mill, boring of clamping plates, drilling of special and tolerated distances on a horizontal boring machine
  • Normal and special sharpening of knives, scissors, drill bits, cutting knives, machine tools and screw taps and eyebolts, decorative polishing of metal elements
  • Hardening, cementing, tempering and annealing of steel parts up to dimensions of max. 1700 x 1000 mm
  • Measurement of steel hardness and consultancy in the area of thermal treatment