Machine fitting, plumbing and wiring work

The last group which comes under the comprehensive services of our division incorporates machine fitting, plumbing and wiring work. In these areas, we truly have a wealth of experience not only with mechanical work but we also work with various kinds of welding and connecting techniques. We would be happy to help you in these areas:

Machine fitting and welding

  • The development, manufacture, and repair of agricultural devices and tools for working with soil (ploughs, harrows, ploughshares, mining shovels, shovels for digging)
  • Standard machine fitting work and repairs (manufacture of gates, doors and locks, shelves and fences, winding of steel profiles and blacksmith work)
  • Repairs to mills, calendars, presses, and reinforcing machines
  • Electric arc, oxy-acetylene, CO2 and argon welding
  • Welding of steel sections, fittings, pressure vessels, etc.
  • Hard and soft welding

Plumbing Services

  • Industrial distribution of all media and technological elements
  • Domestic distribution of media
  • Installation of waste and water distribution, their design, repair and maintenance
  • Installation of sanitary equipment and its repair and maintenance

Electrician Services

  • Electrical work, solutions, designs, budgeting and implementation
  • Electrical switchboard design and repair
  • Maintenance and inspection of lifts, lifting equipment, electrical appliances and hand tools
  • Maintenance and operation of LV and HV distribution points
  • Installation and repairs of equipment, repairs and servicing of manipulating and forklift trucks