Inflatable Rescue Tents

Our broad product portfolio encompasses small two-man tents through to large tents and halls for accommodation or as a base for running operations, hospitals, canteens, garages, stores, etc. Ease of handling, speed of assembly and universality in a wide range of situations are huge advantages.

Our range of inflatable rescue tents includes:

GTX Tent Range

If there is something we at GUMOTEX understand, it is the adhesive bonding of inflatable constructions. The greatest advantage of the GTX inflatable glued tent range is durability and ease of handling. Attach a compressor and within a few minutes you will be protected from unpleasant weather of all kinds.

HF SMART Tent Range

This offers a truly intelligent solution when you need facilities with various layouts. The high-frequency welded construction ensures strength and resilience. The whole tent is easily packed away into a single bag and can be put up practically anywhere, whether anchored using the classic option of tent pegs, or on a road or concrete surface using water bags. 

MHHF Inflatable Modular Large Capacity Hall

For both short and long-term use, it provides a covered area with the option of heating. It can serve as a headquarters, a meeting hall, training site, accommodation, a canteen, social facilities, classroom, etc. It can be used as a garage, for repairs or for storage. The high-quality materials used are non-flammable, extremely hardwearing; they have long lifetimes, and are abrasion and sunlight resistant.


HANDY Lightweight Tents

HANDY is the right name - mainly since it is the lightest of our tents. These are especially appreciated by units of first responders or those with small numbers of people – only two people can handle HANDY tents without difficulty.

HF-46A Army Tent

The army needs rapid and reliable solutions. The HF–46A tent has undergone monitoring and military tests; it is catalogued for army use and meets NATO military standards. The Czech army contributed to the development of this tent with its suggestions, and it is also possible to equip it with catalogue accessories that meet military standards. 

Field Hospital