GUMOTEX achieved in CZECH TOP 10


The name of the company GUMOTEX has appeared among the admired companies of this year. The rankings, divided into 25 disciplines, are annually compiled by the CZECH TOP 100 Association, based on the vote of more than a thousand executives of major companies, economic analysts and representatives of industry associations. A hundred of the most admired companies are those that rank in the top four in each industry.

GUMOTEX achieved in CZECH TOP 10

Criteria include, for example, the company's innovation capability, the quality of its products and services, the company's relationship with employees and society, environmental responsibility, regional support, charitable and community service, and other similar criteria.

GUMOTEX succeeded in the category "Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Rubber and Plastics", in which it took the fourth place. "We really appreciate placing in CZECH TOP 100. For us it is an award of teamwork of about fourteen hundred people, appraisal of quality products and a reflection of how we are perceived by the public and business partners. Most importantly, it is a pleasant impulse to confront new challenges and plans," said Pavel Kasuba, the secretary of the Joint Stock Company.

The CZECH TOP 100 Association was established in 1994 and currently announces the 100 most important companies in the Czech Republic, 100 admired companies in the Czech Republic as well as the Best Annual Reports and Corporate Magazine competition.