Flood Barriers

These water-filled barriers are intended to protect homes and buildings threatened with flooding, and to raise existing dams and riverbanks.

Flood Barriers with Steel Construction

When a swollen river overflows its banks, it is usually a big problem. There are only two remaining options – to prevent water from doing more damage, or create a new channel. GUMOTEX flood barriers do both. They are ideal protection against flooding. Due to their stability, they are able to heighten existing levees or riverbanks. Their construction system makes it possible to create any length of embankment, which can be linked and built at any angle so as to copy a river’s course.

Anti-Flooding Bags Filled with Water

Building makeshift dykes with sandbags is a thing of the past! Here is a much more effective and less demanding way of protecting against floods – bags full of water. Only two people are required to remove them from the transport bag, unfold them and fill them with water. Then all that needs to be done is to decide how long the barrier is to be and where it should be placed. It can be set up at an angle so as to follow the course of the river or to establish a new channel.