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GUMOTEX Automation Technology is part of a strong and stable concern and uses its support with the potential of its own experienced experts.

GUMOTEX Automation Technology develops and manufactures machinery and specialized machines, manipulators, and assembly and test products. We have a history in the development and production of sophisticated machinery for the collection and sorting of scrap metal. We provide customers with comprehensive services ranging from design and construction drawings through to commissioning and subsequent warranty and post-warranty service. We use our machining services – milling, turning, drilling and grinding – in the production of spare parts and other machine parts according to documentation supplied or created by us. We diagnose and repair important production machines, offer general repairs and refurbishing and provide the services of electrical engineers, electricians, fitters and plumbers.

Among the services we offer is the automation of production, which significantly contributes to reducing costs, the smooth running of manufacturing processes and the improvement of quality. It starts with development, after which comes the design documentation for the proposed solution. We continue with production, the application of a control system and finally the commissioning of the machine.

Based on the real automation needs of your production and specified technical requirements, we can provide you with a customized solution. We will prepare the design drawings, develop software and design control elements, produce and then fine-tune your production facility.

We provide a comprehensive service in mechanical engineering. Make use of the services that can only be provided by a large and established enterprise. Our company has a wealth of experience gained over many years. We constantly monitor and implement the latest trends and technologies.

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