About the Company

GUMOTEX is a well-known company in the field of plastics processing with a special focus on products manufactured with polyurethane or EPP foam bases and on rubber textiles with high utility properties. It has long ranked among the foremost Czech exporters, sending more than 75 % of its production abroad to more than 40 countries, especially to those in the EU.

GUMOTEX products have found their place in the automotive industry, especially in the interiors of cars and trucks; in the water sports and active recreation sector – e.g. dinghies and rafts as well as in rescue systems for crisis situations – e.g. inflatable tents, flood defenses, decontamination showers, etc. A major aspect of production is in the area of air-filled systems for a wide range of applications.

  • The GUMOTEX AUTO group is made up of four production plants which manufacture and deliver OEM parts for interiors for cars, trucks and buses. They also develop OEM parts for major world automotive manufacturers.  

  • The Rubber &Coatings group produces more than 150 kinds of rubber compounds and a wide range of coated materials intended for their own consumption and for sale to business partners for further processing.

  • Specialists in the development and production of inflatable boats (kayaks, canoes and rafts) and outdoor products, which have proven their worth both in recreation and professional sport and in specialized rescue services.

  • Develops and makes products for rescue systems and crisis situations needed to protect and save lives, preserve health and protect property. For this reason we cooperate with individual units of rescue systems


  • Sophisticated multifunctional air-filled systems.

  • The development and manufacture of automation technology, single-purpose manipulators, lines and products, along with a comprehensive service. For internal and external partners we offer a broad range of professional services.