Gumotex akciová společnost
GUMOTEX, akciová společnost, has become a synonym for quality and a reliable partner with its rubber products and technical foams during its more than 60 years of activities on the international market. Our stable position

as a renowned manufacturer is confirmed by our modern manufacturing technologies and continuous improvements in development. The company successfully supplies products to several market sectors at the same time. A wide portfolio of the company’s products find their application in the automotive industry, in the highly sophisticated area of air-filled systems, such as boats and special rescue systems.



  • Press release

    Press release Announcement of the sale of the daughter company, GUMOTEX MATRACE s.r.o. The management of the joint-stock company, GUMOTEX Břeclav, has decided, in accordance with the company´s long-term strategy, to increase the profitability and to optimize...